A Revolutionary Revolution

The American Revolution was extraordinary because it succeeded—it was the first (and last) revolution to establish a lasting peace, a stable government and a free people.

Interview with Gina Detwiler

With today’s teens turning to action-packed tomes of fantasy, wizardry and mythical creatures with no mention of God, Gina Detwiler has written Forlorn, Young Adult speculative fiction where teens face angel and demon battles of spiritual warfare.

I Heart Norway

I did quite a lot of research on Norway when I was writing FORLORN. I always try to make my details as truthful as I possibly can, except for the parts I just make up.

Why I Wrote Forlorn

God, the author of all our stories, seems to have been written out of them. We've replaced God with superheroes, who rely solely on their own ingenuity and strength (and sometimes magic powers) to defeat evil.

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