avalon coverAvalon is a little town on the Jersey Shore named for an ancient land in the tales of King Arthur. It is a story of love and loss, of betrayal and forgiveness, mirroring the famous legend. Mariah, brought back to the town after a long absence in order to save her family’s crumbling Victorian, is forced to confront her past and unravel a mystery that has haunted her since she left in 1978. “…there’s a dreamy feel to the talk of storms and romance, adolescence and adulthood, and ancient stories and second chances. And that mood fits well with the ideas raised: of ocean waves that soften what they touch but never erase it, of a place changed by time yet still somehow outside of time, and of connections that change but never disappear. An emotional tale built of lightweight materials that has a surprising and satisfying depth.” Kirkus Reviews




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