Testimonies from former Satanists

A lot of my novel Forsaken has to do with Satanism, which is not taken very seriously in our modern, scientific society. I’ve compiled some YouTube testimonies of people who have first hand knowledge of demonic spirits, witchcraft and Satanic rituals, all who have found true peace and freedom in Christ.

It’s important, I believe, to be informed about the supernatural world, no matter what your personal beliefs. It’s what you don’t know that can hurt you.

John Ramirez is a well-respected author and speaker who was at one time the most powerful “witches” in New York City. He was the kind of satanic high priest that Mace in the novel aspired to be, and some of his experiences were strikingly similar. (I didn’t come across this video until after the book was written)

Marz is a hip hop artist who lived the life of my novel’s Lester Crow until God got a hold of him. Now he praises Jesus with his music and speaks to kids all over about the power of music and the love of God.


Jessica Joy explains how her New Age beliefs exposed her to demons. New Age practices are strongly rooted in the occult, which is, in turn, rooted in Satanism.

Steven Bancarz also came out of the New Age. He was a highly successful New Age YouTuber before becoming a Christian. I love him because he’s so articulate and wise.

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