grace and grace alone

So impressed with this young woman’s courage in stepping out of her comfort zone and facing the giants in her life. Praying for all young women who have swallowed too many lies — may the light shine through!

my heart after His

I’m forever in debt. In awe of my Father’s wisdom. And so thankful for the light.

I spent a couple hours of my Sunday today watching the newest series my home church is doing, so that I can follow and be on track when I get home. Cause its only 8 days left now!!! The goal of their series is to acknowledge the people in the Bible who “went rogue” and to see the danger of this happening to us Christians.

We all know the name Satan, or maybe the Enemy, Tempter, Thief, god of this age… he has touched all our lives and continues to grab hold of any darkness within us. Satan doesn’t rest and you can’t run from him, believe me he can find you even after traveling across the world. As followers of Christ, we know Satan is defeated. Every battle you face and overcome is…

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